Hi there fellow students of guitar and students of life! Here are some handy links for you to use in your own practice sessions:

  1. Online Metronome
  2. Tune your guitar
  3. Detailed Chord and Scale Resource
  4. Website to find songs you want to play (NOTE: try to stay away from clicking on the ads here - there's a lot of junk)
  5. Children's songs on the acoustic
  6. Lead Guitar Instructional videos from Rob on GuitarControl.com
  7. Free download of Guitar Pro - the excellent Guitar software that will help you learn guitar much faster!
  8. Want to jam with a virtual band?  Here is a website that has free downloads of songs that you can jam with that doesn't have the guitar part in it.  YOU supply the guitar part!  Cool huh?!
  9. Here's some great free software called Audacity that let's you import a sound file and slow it down without affecting the tuning of the song.  Click here for the download and ask Rob how to use it in class or by sending him an email here.

Student Resources