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Rob Compagna - Owner/Chief Instructor

Owner and Chief Instructor at Rob's Guitar School, Rob Compagna has been playing guitar since 1983 and teaching since 1985 and has played in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Texas and throughout New England, in bands such as G3 New England, Intercept, Slight Return, and C-4. Most recently, Rob was the guitarist for the jazz act, the Summertime Jazz Band. In addition to his nearly 40 years of teaching and performing experience, Rob has a Bachelor of Creative Arts degree in Musical Composition and Performance from Bradford College, went to the Guitar Institute of Technology in L.A. and taken classes from Berklee.  He is a former student of jazz great Mark Marquis.

His YouTube channel, Rob's Guitar School, has over 1,000 worldwide subscribers with over 70,000 views in the last year alone.  Videos of him teaching are released on the channel several times a week.

 He is the chief video instructor and CEO of, the worldwide teaching website dedicated to teaching guitarists how to shred on the guitar. Including his video lessons, Rob has taught nearly a hundred thousand students to play guitar over the years. To see a great example of Rob teaching, click on the video of him teaching Scarborough Fair below.

Rob has his own self-titled album "Rob Compagna" available on iTunes.  He is currently working hard on his second instrumental rock album, Phoenix Rising, available in the near future.  To get a sneak peak of the upcoming album and Rob on electric guitar, watch his latest video, Graz'zt.

Rob holds the rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in Uechi-Ryu style karate and is a former student of Neil Stone's Karate Academy in Brookline, NH.

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Liam Flinn - Teacher/Teacher Coordinator

Luke Mulholland

Ethan Emery

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